Monthly Archive: May, 2013

B2B Trade Is More than Just Trading

Traditionally, the term ‘trading’ refers to the exchange of products or services between traders, specifically designated as a Seller and Buyer. In the case of a good business directory however, trading is more… Continue reading

Simplify B2B- 4 Tips to Build a Better B2B Relationship

B2B, an acronym for ‘Business to Business’ is basically the trading of goods between two businesses (in specified Seller and Buyer roles)-rather than between a business and a consumer. B2B is a simple… Continue reading

B2B Outcomes are defined by Investments

It is commonly told that for every story that works, a thousand fail. The situation in a typical b2b marketplace is no different- for every success story there are a substantial number of… Continue reading

Revelations at the Marketplace- Why B2B has it Easy?

Remember the last time you took a stroll at a busy market? I agree, the experience is not for everybody- an acquired taste definitely. However, my research these past few weeks have helped… Continue reading

B2B Marketing- Trade Better through Videos

Business to Business trading (B2B) and promotion go hand in hand. Afterall, without attracting the right attention to yourself, the task of enlisting potential customer interest falls on the shoulders of your brand… Continue reading