B2B Marketing- Trade Better through Videos

Business to Business trading (B2B) and promotion go hand in hand. Afterall, without attracting the right attention to yourself, the task of enlisting potential customer interest falls on the shoulders of your brand name. This works for a big Corporation, but not so much for your Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME). What you need is powerful promotion- business promotion that is sure to bring in results.

Do you like to watch videos over YouTube? Or have you been moved to act, or atleast sigh in admiration after watching a video advertisement on TV? Surely, you agree with the power of well developed and deployed videos in creating a public opinion, in creating a powerful memory about a product or service.

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This is the age of Social Media and websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ rule the roost. The digital promotion strategy that works best (even if you have a low promotional budget) is to create a purposeful website, indulge in a little digital marketing that focuses on spreading your marketing message through the social media websites listed above, invite your attracted- prospective customers to come over to your website and fully understand your product or service with the help of a well-crafted, purposeful, short video. By effectively engaging your target audience through the captivating medium of a marketing video- you are also building a brand name.

Being a marketer specialising in B2B, I have uncovered a host of ways in which resourceful traders are utilising the unlimited power of videos to work for them- just like another specialist marketing employee. For example, a small-time trader of Red Chillies hosted a video on his website that spoke of quality, the production standard that separates him from his competition and his ability to supply to any corner of the World. All this, in a video that was high on the Red colour, and almost gave me the burn watching it through its three minute run-time. Powerful videos leave a powerful reaction. Powerful reactions compel your target audience to remember, act and add to your loyal crowd.

But remember, good videos aren’t likely to be made in your conference room over the span of a lazy afternoon. You need professional help here. Hire a good digital marketing company and see the magic unfold. Don’t worry- this investment is bound to bring you the expected results. Happy video making!!