Simplify B2B- 4 Tips to Build a Better B2B Relationship

B2B, an acronym for ‘Business to Business’ is basically the trading of goods between two businesses (in specified Seller and Buyer roles)-rather than between a business and a consumer. B2B is a simple platform that deals with a complex emotion- the human will to bond and drive mutually beneficial business. As with any process, there are rules to drive the best out of the possibility-

1.       Know your B2B Profile

Simply creating a profile on a good online business directory isn’t enough. It pays to understand the overall b2b process, the proper etiquettes of the b2b portal, the productive methods to represent your products and services, your target audience and specific promotional tricks to appeal to this target audience on the b2b portal.

B2B Portal

2.       Let your Prospective Trade Partners know you better

‘Knowledge is Power’- and the knowledge about yourself that you share with your prospective b2b trade partners transpire to lucrative business for you. Provide the most updated information, lots of data over the b2b portal that help undecided prospects vote in your favour. By educating your fellow b2b members over the business directory, you are creating both a portfolio and a brand for yourself.

3.       Talk about yourself over Social Media

Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are major platforms to make your viewpoints known to the world. Create a link between your profile on the b2b portal and your professional or personal accounts on these websites. Your products and services will not just attract willing customers, but also prospective b2b traders. Social Networking is easy, fast and can create powerful connections.

4.       Be Available to Talk       

So, you have completed all the above listed formalities, feeling awesome right? The next step is the actual, crucial part- Be available when your phone rings. Often, an impressed trader on a good b2b portal will try communicating with you verbally to get a proper feel of your system. Imagine missing out on talking to a prospective customer- all your physical, mental and emotional inputs into your profile on the business directory for nothing!

A good b2b partnership isn’t a fluke but the culmination of a lot of positive efforts. With simple steps as those listed above, create an encouraging aura about your business that gets all the looks on your b2b portal.