B2B Trade Is More than Just Trading

Traditionally, the term ‘trading’ refers to the exchange of products or services between traders, specifically designated as a Seller and Buyer. In the case of a good business directory however, trading is more than just buying and selling- it involves a complete protocol that determines if a trader will succeed or fail as part of the business directory.

The system runs like this- Buyer meets Seller while logged into the business directory, buyer likes what he sees and decides to initiate a trade, buyer spends the next few days (hours if the trading product is Ice cream, just kidding) digging out all available information about the Seller without actually talking to the members of the Seller’s sales force. If things look green, we have a reliable, lasting trade partnership in the making.

business directory

Wait, that’s not how trading is usually done, right? Unlike a business directory, most traditional trade involves face-to-face interactions. How can b2b directory ignore this fundamental concept and yet add to its existing membership on the business directory? Thanks to Google and other online informational resources, the world has shrunk and consequently the markets have expanded for a resourceful Buyer or Seller.

As a Seller, what you may not realise is that the Buyer can learn almost everything about you through your easily accessible online presence and information that you have posted on the business directory. A lack of such easily obtainable data is in itself a big red flag- an incomplete profile on the business directory signifies a trader who lacks seriousness and commitment. When there are other, equally viable options available, why would an interested Buyer opt for you?

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Experienced Sellers have worked out powerful strategies to make a sale through face-to-face interactions. The same techniques can be adapted to suit the demands of a good business directory. The first step obviously is to get a good website, a sizable presence on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, prepping up your profile on the business directory with the most updated and catchy content that directly addresses the Buyer’s biggest query- ‘What’s in it for me?’.

Yes, trading has evolved- and for the better. With b2b portals and business directories, a Startup or an SME can stop thinking about that all important first step, the monies involved and the competition with bigger, more established competitors and go about the business of powerfully promoting their business. Afterall, a snoopy buyer is just the perfect target for your promotional efforts. If your part is done right- the goose will be cooked right too!!