3 Ways to Access the Success of your Company Logo.

The Company logo- a simple representation of what your business stands for, its aims and its beliefs.

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If your Company doesn’t have a logo or you were ‘inspired’ by your company name in a moment of wild creativity and drew up the logo on Microsoft Paint, you need to seriously revaluate your decisions.

B2B PORTALA cleverly designed logo helps connect your business to its target customers and actively drives your company promotions. Can you afford to ignore this crucial promotional tool?

How can you determine if your logo is a success or not impactful enough? The parameters to judge this isn’t clearly defined; however the basic diagnostics flow as follows-

Does it have the ‘wow’ factor?

What’s your favourite brand of electronics? What’s the first thing that flashed into your head as you read that question? Good logos are remembered, great logos create a cult following. Your logo must be designed impressively, with layers of subtle meanings and implied messages. People like to be challenged intellectually- and generally appreciate a design that holds more information than is immediately obvious. A powerful example of this is the former logo of North-western Airways.

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Is your logo conveying your business message?

A logo isn’t necessarily supposed to convey your business message to a target audience, but help them identify your business instantly. A logo must also separate you from your similarly placed competitors, or must be similar to other logos that identify your common industry.

B2B PORTALQuestion if your logo is serving all these purposes, or is your logo viewed as confusing and ineligible? If a prospective customer wished to draw your logo on a piece of paper, would he be able to in five seconds?

Is your logo standing out? Or is it a shape shifter?

Any self-respecting businessman would like his company logo to stand out and get noticed. Fine, however, when enlarged or shrunk, does your logo seem a totally different beast? Does your logo convey the same ‘wow’ message on a hoarding and a bottle cap as it does on your company stationary? If the answer is NO, your designer is to be blamed, for thinking of your logo as a fixed sized artwork that isn’t expected to make an impression in any other format than the one designed.

Concluding, designing a logo is an honest day’s work, filled with great expectations and the very real possibility of failure. When designing your company logo, insist on its longevity and its latent ability to stand out. A good logo is a reliable business ally- treat it right and it treats you good, right back.