Social Media and B2B Selling

Social Media is not just another media tool in a marketer’s toolbox. Its scope and nature makes it a unique option to leverage communication between two people, or a whole group of people across localities and continents.

By knowing the real anatomy of social selling of your B2B customer, you get a clear picture on how to operate your sales strategy and engage with the right people with the right message through the right social media channel at the right time.

Let’s take a look at few facts on social selling anatomy of a B2B decision maker:

1)   81% use communities and blogs.

2)   74% use LinkedIn.

3)   42% use twitter.

Communities and blogs: 81% of B2B sales executives use online communities and blogs for decision making.

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They majorly use content to:

1)   Read blogs

2)   Watch Videos

3)   Publish Posts

4)   Comments

5)   Ratings

6)   Reviews

7)   Info graphics.

LinkedIn: 74% of sales executives connect through LinkedIn to aid their B2B purchase decisions.


They find their customers through:

1)   Peer networking

2)   Connecting with Vendors

3)   Absorbing content through feeds.

Twitter:  42% of decision makers take help from twitter to make their buying decisions. They remain active on twitter with:


1)   Absorbing content

2)   Retweeting

3)   Postings

4)   Interacting with vendors peers and like purchasers.

The simple truth about the whole discussion of social media and B2B world is- Social selling in B2B world works and in fact works very well.

Let’s understand this by studying a few basic tactics that can be implemented immediately:

1)   Creating powerful leads:

One of the common mistakes which most sales executives commit is that they think of social media as a closing tool. It’s not. Social media is best leveraged as an opening tool. It provides us with a platform where we can meet and socialize with people as quickly as possible.

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Another best way to use social media for sales is to start a conversation. But what should you talk about? Let’s start with the food. There you are, even something as simple as a tweet or post about food or clothes can give you a chance to start a conversation with your prospective customer, which can ultimately lead to converting that prospective stranger into a loyal customer for your B2b marketplace.

2)   Join Few Clubs:

LinkedIn is a helpful medium when it comes to joining the relevant groups. You can search with the simple keyword like-name of your industry. What you will find is the list of all the likely people who somewhere started a similar group and the chances are good that you might end up finding a prospect or two hanging out in there.

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3)   Knowledge is your key to success:

If you want to be popular on social networking sites, you have to be a regular ‘Mr. Know It All’. Read and try to provide answers to all the questions from your prospective business leads. Share your knowledge base liberally and freely with people.  SEO and Keywords can do wonders to make your content stand out and be easily findable by your prospects.

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Social selling isn’t hard, but it requires patience and commitment alongside strict adherence to the principles of helping vs selling. If you think of social platform as setting up sales for tomorrow versus closing sales target for today, then we guarantee you with a promise of enough sales for many tomorrows.