2014’s Sales and Marketing Predictions for B2B Business

One of the best things about working with a leading B2B company is to learn about its rapidly evolving B2B arena, knowing and keeping pace with the key trends that can help you refine, adjust or enhance your strategy. From past couple of days, I have been constantly reading about the top B2B sales and marketing trends which I believe will greatly affect a company’s ability to gain and maintain competitive advantage.

With that mind-set, here is the list of few key trends that will have a big impact on the success of a B2B business for 2014:

1) Integrated Marketing plan:

B2B Portal

Although marketing plans are huge and boring, but they are highly beneficial to small businesses on a B2B platform. It helps you in focussing your efforts thus avoiding wastage of time and money in doing something unproductive. With all the varying online activities like e-mail marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, search marketing, B2B platform will provide you the place to define  what you are doing and in what time frame.

2) Content Marketing – the king of all marketing Strategies:

 Nowadays buyers are smart and evaluate all the possible problems, seek their solutions before making a purchase decision. It has been observed that 60% of the purchase decisions are made before prospects reach out to vendors. This implies that the buyers are more inclined toward generating content from expert sources to help determining the best solutions to their problems. In order to be an effective business resource, the business needs to create content that speaks to audience, helping them determine the best route to take.

Here are some insights

  • 42% of consumers look for blogs for information about potential purchases.
  • 52% say blogs have greatly impacted their purchasing power.
  • According to Hubspot, almost 80%of marketers with a company blog have acquired new customers.

B2B Marketplace

3) Mobile enabled to mobile optimized:

A small survey in my office on Brands in Digital Media revealed that most of the time people stay connected to their brands through mobile, as it is the most convenient device that can be accessed both at rest and on go. If you are a type of person who loves to stay connected with world that means you read mail, participate in social media and research information regularly via mobile device.
With the following growth, if the first impression of your brand on customer’s smartphone or tablet is not what they expect, then you are surely in a big trouble.  You need to review your marketing tools and determine if mobile access provides a user experience that doesn’t distract him from the message you convey. Here is your checklist:

  • Can your email newsletter be easily read?
  • Is your website content consumable?
  • Can the visitor fill your contact form?
  • Can they use the shopping cart easily from their mobile device?

4) Simplicity in marketing is the current norm:

It is a general belief among the marketers that buyers are the most web savvy, mobile enabled researchers who keep browsing through the complex information about a product or service in order to make a purchase decision. But in reality, buyers are looking for trustworthy information that helps them easily weigh their purchase options. Too many options and messages will only create complexity and encourage the buyer to look at your competitors.

Few tips on keeping your marketing simple:

  • Make your value clear, your purchase process simple backed by an awesome customer service.

Focus on creating websites and marketing materials whose designs are clear and messages are clean to attract more people to your business.

5)  Sales response time is crucial:

The growth of internet has surely sharpened the patience of Human for immediate gratification and this is applicable to sales response time. In e-commerce business I personally have experience a slack with the marketing –to-sales handoffs. It has been observed that almost  51.4% of B2B leads are never called. The future is for those who are quick and the nimble. Delay in a follow-up by few hours can have huge implications for your close rate.

These are few of the major marketing trends that impact how we deliver the desired results to our clients and can act as a good starter list for all you major B2B planning’s for the coming year.

Get ready for 2014 and we wish you best of luck for your future business endeavours!