The magic behind the fashion: B2B Portal makes it all happen.


Every Business comes with one common goal: The desire to achieve higher revenue and faster growth.

 Fashion is a form of art that gives an aesthetic beauty to clothing accessories. Fashion is largely influenced by culture and social latitudes and offers variety over the time and place.  The Fashion experts design number of ways to give a beauty to apparels and accessories which not only match to the ever changing tastes of customers but also reflect their personalities in the most desired way.

B2B Fashion

The literal meaning of apparel is ‘Clothing’ which defines this as a clothing industry. Till 70’s the perception lies in the fact that Fashion industry is the one which make clothes only for the elite and apparel clothing functioned to produce clothes for masses. However in recent times the two segments have joined together to become one industry that not only fulfils the demand of apparel worldwide but also makes and sells fashion clothing.

How big is the industry?

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The fashion and apparel industry is one of the biggest industries in the 21st century with different levels catering to different levels of audiences.  Haute Couture for the elite, luxury wear, sportswear, mainstream clothing and discount clothing.

The industry also includes people who create the raw material, fabric manufacturers, designers, distributors, market, retail and advertisers.


A B2B marketplace serves as an effective link between the sellers and potential buyers, to facilitate online business transactions between the two. For fashion and apparel brands B2B platform has become a golden egg and must to have component in their strategies.  Fashions and apparels have successfully found a way to carve a niche on B2B marketplace.

B2B Fashion

One of the best things about the B2B market place is its exclusiveness of being online. The potential buyers can directly get in touch with the wholesalers of the leading fashion brand and can make demand for the desired products at a wholesale price. It also facilitates the wholesalers to look for the leading buyers or designers in market for their new products.

Presence on B2B marketplace helps the fashion brand to reach to different segments of society irrespective of the geographical limitations and bridge a gap between a wholesaler and a potential buyer.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of B2B portals for a fashion brand:

1)      B2B portals have given a platform for different buyers to get in touch with the designers or raw material suppliers to carry out sales and business activities online. It provides then to keep pace with the growing trends and needs in fashion backed by the changing tastes and behaviours of the consumers for fashion.

2)      It is a cost effective method to promote and enhance the business by providing it a greater visibility on a global platform. Retailers or fashion house owners will get a faster and easy access to raw materials, products and services.

3)      Budding Designers can prove their mettle on international forums. The appreciations, feedbacks and experiences shared on online platforms does wonders in changing the face of fashion industry.


While the customers pay attention to their online shopping experience, buyers and sellers on a B2B marketplace focus on the advanced and latest technologies that play a key role in marketing and sales and can enhance their business relations and help them grow throughout the medium.


Fashion on B2B marketplace will continue to grow, diversify and will become more sophisticated. As more and more retailers provide multiple touch points to their brand and join the bandwagon, the future seems to be Omni-channel. Web mobility, location based services will only add to the convenience of customers and more feasible options to wholesalers and retailers, allowing them to plan and organise their online and offline strategies in a cost effective manner.