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The magic behind the fashion: B2B Portal makes it all happen.

Every Business comes with one common goal: The desire to achieve higher revenue and faster growth.  Fashion is a form of art that gives an aesthetic beauty to clothing accessories. Fashion is largely… Continue reading

We’ve Changed- Another Milestone on the Road to Better B2B Trading.

Wondered what’s the hottest online phenomenon in the world right now? Aside from silly cat videos and loopy celebrity stories- its b2b trading! Buyers and Sellers from across the world are trying to… Continue reading

What SEO can do to your Business?

SEO constitute a very important portion of any B2B business. Nearly 21% of all traffic to B2B sites comes from search engines, with round about 90% coming from organic search. SEO for any… Continue reading

Agricultural E-commerce

Have you ever wondered what benefits can be reaped from Agriculture E-commerce? In this global economy it is very important to bridge the gap between a buyer and a right kind of agriculture… Continue reading

Content Marketing in B2B Marketplace

Information or Knowledge sharing has always been an accurate way to connect with consumers. It helps in establishing credibility and gain trust. Disseminating knowledge is an honest, credible and neutral way to build… Continue reading

How to build a Successful B2B marketplace – A Seller Perspective

A B2B Marketplace is an online platform for business to business transactions, which includes dealings between manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers. It has made international trading easy and plays a significant role in… Continue reading

Social Media and B2B Selling

Social Media is not just another media tool in a marketer’s toolbox. Its scope and nature makes it a unique option to leverage communication between two people, or a whole group of people… Continue reading

How to Measure the ROI of Your Marketing Programs

Today’s B2B marketing professionals describe marketing performance as a mean to analyse the efficiency and effectiveness of their marketing programs by focussing on the alignment of marketing activities, strategies, and metrics with business… Continue reading

The Slideshare Advantage in B2B Marketing

Slideshare is rapidly emerging as a powerful online marketing tool. This web 2.0 based slide hosting service currently commands 58 million unique visitors every month, with over 16 million active registered users. Aside… Continue reading

B2B Cold Calling Best Practices- Make that Perfect B2B Call

How many of us hate tele-marketers? Almost every one of us, ain’t it? Making a series of objective phone calls, that’s not always expected to fetch a positive return, isn’t something every marketer… Continue reading